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French Immersion

Kindergarten with Intern

French Immersion is a districtwide option that immerses students in a second language (French) while they learn mathematics, science, reading, writing and other curricular areas. The program has four primary goals for students:

  1. Communicate in the second language

  2. Acquire the same English language arts skills as students in English-only programs

  3. Master subject content areas

  4. Acquire a greater understanding, knowledge and appreciation of other cultures

Note: Because of the advancing skill level, entrance is most successful in kindergarten.

Students at Normandale are also part of a larger, international community. Over the years our staff has represented many French-speaking cultures - France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Senegal - and we are reminded that people all over the world share our adopted language. Normandale parents offer to their children the gift of a second language, and those children hold a special place in our increasingly international world.

About Immersion Schooling

French Interns

Each winter, families are recruited to host French Interns for the next school year. Hosting French Interns plays an integral role in the success of our Edina French Immersion program. Without French Interns, we could not sustain our position as the top immersion program in the state.  

To continue this momentum, we aim to meet our ideal allocation of Interns across all schools: here at Normandale, along with supporting the Extended French program at Valley View and Edina High School.

Please consider hosting and/or spreading the word about this opportunity to neighbors, family and friends. To find out more about the French Intern program and how you can host, visit the Intern Program page hosted by the Normandale PTO.